What's SESAM?

SESAM is software that allows management of emergency lighting installations in a very efficient way. It's a system that centralizes the information about the status of all the emergency luminaries installed into a PC.

SESAM system allows:
  - Real time alarm reception with automatic failure report edition. Those reports could be shown on screen, printed or sent via e-mail or SMS.
  - Luminaries could be controlled in the same building in its control center or from different buildings (up to 255) in a remote control center using a telephone line or an Ethernet network.
  - Easy installing with factory preprogrammed luminaries and the permanent technical assistance, supporting every step in the process.

General Specification
  - SESAM system consists in:
      o Emergency Luminaries.
      o PCCOM9 interface to link luminaries with a PC.
      o PC with SESAM software installed.